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The Power of Prayer

Catholic charismatic prayer groups at the Church of the Assumption began in the mid-1970s in the form of group meetings held at the Parish center and home-based prayer groups operating in Section 1A (Jalan Carey). These groups were independent and small. In 1986 a seminarian assigned to the Parish encouraged these groups, together with the Young Evangelists’ youth group, to jointly organize a Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) for the Parish. Its success led the charismatic prayer groups to merge. The Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group is the result of this merger.

Between 1986 and 1991, the Prayer Group grew steadily until it overflowed the meeting place at Daniel room. The Lord worked wonders there, and many lives were changed. In 1991, the then Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Andrew Volle, MEP, invited the prayer group to meet in the Church. With the constant support and encouragement of such Parish Priests, the prayer group has continued to grow both in numbers as well as in maturity. The prayer group has regularly been conducting the Life in the Spirit Seminars (LSS, where many parishioners and also RCIA candidates and Confirmands have been blessed with personal encounters with Jesus.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: That our Church will be renewed through the power of the Holy Spirit so we may be witnesses to Jesus Christ by our lives and service (Acts 1:8).

Mission: To build the Church (Ephesians 4:11-13) by offering

  • Weekly Charismatic Prayer Meetings
  • Monthly healing services
  • Organising Life in the Spirit Seminars (LSS)
  • Putting together formation programs such as
    -Growth in the spirit seminars
    -Prayer formation
    -Exercising of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In line with our Vision and Mission, the Assumption Charismatic Prayer Group is affiliated to the Diocesan Service Team (DST) of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR), Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, to support and promote CCR activities that include:

  1. Hosting and organising Petaling Jaya District Rallies and Meetings
  2. Supporting DST Formations, retreats, prayer intercessions and conventions
  3. Serving in the committees of the DST and contributing to the CCR newsletter, “Inspiritu”

Service is What We Offer

Here are other services we continue to offer the Church and her worshippers today:

  • Run the Intercessory/Petition ministry of the parish
    Through the feedback of the petitioners, we have come to see how good and faithful God is in answering prayer
  • Animate the 6.00 pm Mass on the fourth Sunday of the month
  • Organise formation programs for the parish and Archdiocese.

One of the tremendous blessings we have experienced as a prayer group is in seeing many prayer group members serving in responsible ministries at every level of our Parish. Prayer group members serve in various capacities in the BECs, Parish Councils, Liturgical committee, the Wardens, Alter Servers, Family Life ministry, RCIA presenters, EE presenters, and Sunday School Teachers, among others. Our prayer group has also supported the Service Teams of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocesan- and Peninsular Malaysia-levels through the services of some of our members who serve in leadership roles.

When Do We Gather?
Friday, Church, 8pm (preceded by prayer of the Rosary 7.30 pm)
Fellowship: 9.30 pm (after meeting)
Healing Services: Every last Friday of the month
Intercessory prayer session: Every Wednesday evening, Andrew Room, after 6pm Mass
Contact Persons
Bennie Wong
016 691 3138
Joseph Cheong

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